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Come and join us to be part of an inspiring business of the future.

  • We turn young students from user to become creators of technology.

  • Invest in a Coding Club developed by ScopeIT Education, Australia with 20,000+ students worldwide.

  • CIY.Club is operational in Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, USA & more countries.

  • A high potential business system with proven success.

  • A booming education industry for young children.

  • An evergreen industry as digital tech business is the future.

  • Easy kick start the business with support from HQ's professional trainers. 

  • International Support Team.

"CIY.Club transforms young children from consumer to become Creators of Technology"

Creating talents of the future 


Coding and Programming careers have skyrocket in the current years, making it one of the most highly demanded roles in the job market.

With this fact in mind, most parents are rushing to equip their child with skills for the future.

CIY.CLUB is the perfect launch pad for children to master these skills in a casual environment, making it to be a fun filled activity rather than a class set-up. 

This business answers to the needs of the future. 

Simple business set-up 

The business is easily set-up with the guidance of professionals.

Many have successfully kick started and found it to be straightforward, even for first time business owners.

For existing business owners within the education business, it is highly recommended for you to join us as you can run the business with very minimal effort.

Speak to our passionate experts today. 

Professional and Inspiring 

CIY.CLUB is Australia’s premium provider of coding classes teaching kids how to 'code it themselves' and write their own games, software, web- sites & apps!

CIY.CLUB is now available in the international arena in countries like Australia, Malaysia & USA.

It is truly inspiring to be part of this exciting wave. Join this professional business and make your dreams come true today. 

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Online Learning & Center Based Modules


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