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Technology will be implemented in most of the industries & jobs of the future. 

At CIY.Club, young children (aged 7 & above) comes together to learn, train & master their skills in technology, via the weekly sessions.


The coursework (Level 1-9) covers Coding, 3D Printing & Designs, Electronics, Robotics, App & Website Development, Games Creation, Animation & more.

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Trial Class - An opportunity for young children to explore the Basics of Coding and develop their skills in Games Creation, 3D Designs and/or other skills in a casual environment. They will realize that coding is amazing & fun and will be wanting to learn more.

Coding/ Games Creation Trial - Learn the basics of computer coding and games creation. We coach the children on how to complete some tasks in creating a
computer game.


3D Design & Printing Trial - Learn the basics of 3D design. Coders get an exciting opportunity to experience a new technology that is changing the way we view, imagine and interact with the world. We show them how to move and stretch shapes into bigger, more complex 3D objects. 

Other Skills - Our Coaches might offer other set of trials randomly or depending on your child’s interest.

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