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CIY.Club Tech Training for Employee Families


Parents tell us that school holidays are the hardest time for them to juggle child care responsibilities and work. This could be impacting your business performance. Do you find greater rates of absenteeism and lower productivity during this period? Join other leading Australian organisations in supporting your employees with a unique opportunity during the school holiday period by providing 21st century learning for their families.


CIY (Code it Yourself) Club


We offer tailored digital technologies training programs to organisations who wish to provide this as a holiday session for their employees’ children. This is a great way for you to ensure productivity during the school holiday periods and give a bit back to your teams. We bring all of the hardware, software, trainers, internet and materials required. We simply need a room with lighting and power access. Our sessions can run in conjunction with the work day, either on or off premises as a school holiday program for employees’ children. We can host this and charge employees directly, or work with you to provide this as a staff incentive.


CIY.Club Tailored Training Programs

CIY.Club offers digital technologies training for students to come together to learn, train and improve their technology skills. Our goal is to give this upcoming generation the skills to turn their imagination into digital reality, not just passively consume technology.

It’s important that kids learn how to constructively and safely engage with technology. The massive social impact that comes with this often pairs well with the social impact goals of the organisations we work with.

Our coaches are trained professionals with experience working with children in school and after-school environments. Each coach is extensively trained, vetted and carries a current Working with Children check.


Let’s chat and see if your organisation would like to host a corporate event or partner with us in preparing our kids for the future..

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