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> Imagine the possibilities of what a digital education can do for your child

> Get your child creating technology instead of consuming it

> We are a community club with skilled and supportive coaches

> Young coders complete achievements and their learning progresses through our levels

> Self-paced training, collaborating with peers or working as individuals

> Learn, train and master a vital life skill


Coding is the language that ties all technology together and as such, is a vital language for all children to learn. We provide training in many different coding languages, from Scratch to Java to HTML and even iOS app development.

Learning to code is a journey and can be achieved with patience and determination. We offer ongoing weekly CIY.Club attendance for this very purpose. Every project includes challenging debugging and logical problem solving.


Our programs provide students with a structured path as they progress through levels and we encourage them to return each week as they are rewarded by continually developing new skills.

Coding will be part of Malaysian school syllabus in 2017. Read more >
So far, the Malaysian Government has announced Coding@Schools, a RM10 million pilot to teach 3,000 students from 100 primary schools to code.

Give your young coder the added advantage through our specialised program and ensure they get the chance to experience and learn the countless possibilities that stem from technological disciplines.

A club, not a course


Learning about technology isn’t achieved in a day and is more akin to learning an instrument or a sport. CIY.Club provides children and teens with new challenges and projects that will develop their skills and knowledge.

Self paced training


At our club no one is rushed through a fixed set of instructions and left behind. CIY.Club provides a community where coders are able to work together on projects with their peers, or achieve as individuals while being taught and supported by our professional Coaches.

Continual improvement


There is no shortcut for learning and exploring technology. As children complete achievements, they are rewarded for their accomplishments. Each new level unlocks new and harder challenges to support their growth.

Achieve mastery


By completing our growing number of challenges and levels, children can become masters of technology, creating amazing apps, websites or even delving into the world of electronics and robotics. It may take one year to develop into an expert coder or it may take three – where does your child want to take it?

CIY.Club is brought to you by ScopeIT Education, who provide classroom digital technologies training to students, teachers and schools at an international level. ScopeIT Education has now landed in Malaysia!
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